We Interview the artist BEITMORATZ  about her colourful and out of this world artwork .

How did you begin illustrating? 

I’ve always been an artist ever since I was a child. I started illustrating when I was in college. I started my current vibe of illustration after graduating university. It started as making personalised gifts for my friends and for fun and the inspiration just kept rolling on!

What is your inspiration? 

I am inspired by many things. Mostly pop culture, nostalgia, high-fashion. I’m also highly influenced by everyday life on social media and how we as humans behave in regards to consumerism.
How did you find your style? 

I found my style by drawing a birthday card for my friend which was an alien in a pink fluffy coat (because she loves sci-fi) Then I started illustrating fashion collections on Instagram and it developed from there.

 How do you create your work? 

I create my work on Procreate and photoshop. I like the idea of fully digital created pieces using technology.

Whats next? 
What’s next for me? I am working on creating a shop and items for it. I’m also collaborating with some awesome independent brands and artists! Exciting times!
 Whats your favourite piece you have created?
Love the cyber queen vibes and I loved how I created all the effects.

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