We Interview Hayley Kay Adams about her artwork and process.  

What led you to start illustrating

I’ve always been very creative and to be honest, to begin with I had no idea what avenue to go down in the art world, be it sculpture, fine art painting, photography etc.. I just knew I wanted to make. But then after trying out everything, illustration took a hold on me as it felt most natural, but most importantly it came with a functionality in the real world. And that’s what really grabbed me

What is the process of finding inspiration? 

I doodle a lot. I keep a sketchbook as a kind of visual diary where I purposefully try not to think to much about what I should draw and just let thoughts and feelings flow out of me. It’s surprising what comes out when your not trying too hard!
Do you listen to music or podcasts while you work? 

I mostly listen to music when I’m creating, it can lull me into relaxation or bump me up. But when I’m doing repetitive tasks like formatting and tweeting I listen to podcasts or an audiobook. 


Where do you create your work and whats your set up? 
Mostly at home, I’ve got a great desk looking out over the sea in a bright living room. I also like lots of plants around me as they are relaxing and comforting which is important to me - unfortunately, unlike some people, I do not thrive under stress but when I’m at ease.
 Whats next for you and your art?
 I’m currently working on a website to showcase my work and am working on creating a magazine and events company called Sunflower Soul where music and art will come together and be celebrated in one exciting place. So watch out for that! I also run @plantsformentalhealth which aims to teach people about the health benefits of keeping houseplants.

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