Festival season is in full swing and the outfits are incredible. From James Charles’ booty baring Coachella outfit to Ariana Grande’s gigantic shoulder pads bopping away alongside NSYNC, it’s all going off. But as we scroll down our Instagram feed and express admiration for all the mesh pants and glitter nipple covers, we can’t help but think about the evolution of festival fashion and what it is today.

As everyone knows, what is old in fashion becomes new and new is soon enough old till the old fashion fad becomes new again (don’t worry we struggle to keep up too). Music festivals historically started back in Ancient Greece in the 6th century BC, specifically the Pythian Games in Delphi, which were held in honour of Apollo (the god of music). The oldest and most popular music festival that is still in existence has to be Reading festival which first surfaced in 1961 (originally as the National Jazz and Blues Festival). Since these festivals, we have had Isle of Wight, Woodstock, Glastonbury and many more amazing festivals, meaning many more amazing outfits.

We take a look at the biggest fashion trends throughout the years of music festivals compared to festival fashion today.



Starting with the 60’s, the beginning of the music festical adoration. Here we saw simple headwear, knee high boots, florals, fringing, suede, tie-dye, kimonos, flower crowns and flares. Think the peak of boho chic and this is what you will get.



Rolling through to the 70’s, here was where we had living proof that punks not dead. Distressed denim, heavy boots, leather jackets, fishnets and a shit ton of safety pins. Rock and roll forever.



The era of shoulderpads and voluminous hair styles. The 80’s brought us legwarmers, off shoulder tops and lots of neon.



One of our all-time favourite era’s: the 90’s. Here you could expect to see flannel shirts, bleached denim, converse, wool sweaters, bucket hats, parka jackets, scrunchies, the full 90’s shebang. 



Finally, we end up here. Festival fashion today. We believe fashion, as spoken about previously, has just done one massive cycle and repeated previous trends. For example, we now see flared trousers and tops everywhere we turn and distressed denim and leather jackets are staple pieces at any festival. We can now expect to see a whole lot more ‘extra’ outfits. From completely diamante outfits, lacy wide legs and the teeniest sunglasses.

Festival fashion is now a summer staple that brands thrive off. Surely outfits can only become more and more spectacular as time progresses, however, there will always be elements from where it all started.