We do not consider ourselves a fast-fashion brand and design & build our clothes to last - staying in your wardrobe long past the latest season. Our sustainability strategy focuses on three key areas: ethical trading, environmental impact and animal welfare.


How We Help:
- We have a commitment to never use real leather, fur, feather or buttons made from any part of an animal.

- Any faulty items are sold to third parties, fixed or recycled.

- We work with suppliers to ensure that offcuts of fabric are repurposed so that nothing is wasted.

- We manufacture in small quantities meaning all stock is always sold.


How You Can Help:
- We encourage all our customers to donate their clothing to charity, swap with friends or recycle the fabric.


Modern Slavery Statement

As a business that puts people at the heart of our decision making; we believe in respecting and improving the lives of our employees across our global business and the people who work in our supply chain.

We recognise the risks of poor labour practices and human rights abuses and are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or any part of our business.


Our Pledge:
- We continually
 visit our suppliers in person to make sure all working conditions are up to standard and there is no risk of modern slavery in any of our supply chains.

- All UK warehouse staff are paid above London-living wage and are never given unreasonable production targets or performance goals.

- All clothing is designed in-house and created within our known supply chain,
 so we can track the channels our clothing goes through, from design to your door.

- Any third-party brands that we stock, are trusted to have aligned beliefs and are equally committed to providing adequate work practices.