Sizes & Fittings

Finding your fit is easy

Online shopping has a lot of advantages and we will do our best to find the perfect fit for you. If in doubt which size to get, just get in touch with us, and we will answer all your questions.


Custom made size charts

We run a very tight ship here and we are improving on our fits on a daily basis. Our in-house fit models try the garments as they arrive, making sure all works well, and the fit is comfortable. Each dress is measured separately and what you see on the website is true to the fit.


A helping hand in getting your measures right

First and most important is to measure yourself while wearing your underwear, but nothing else. Make sure you are breathing normally and maybe do it twice, as we all have a tendency to hold our breath while measuring.

Please remember that the length is calculated from your shoulder to the hem of the garment, unless it is a halter neck dress. 

Bust: Bust is measured around middle of your bust, all around your body.


Waist: Measure your waist around the thinnest part of you, if you lean on one side, you will see where the body bends.


Hips: Put the tape measure around the broadest part of you bum cheeks and hips and just go around with the tape.


Length: Length of the garments is measured from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem, but if the dress is a halter neck, or without any straps, measure from the centre front to the hem.


 Jawbreaker Size Guide



Any help you need, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist you.